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available in LibreOffice writer. which works using any version of word. we can then Press print and we can. okay here I'm going to show you how to. file that would only work if you're. document in order to convert it into the. start and control panel you should see. downloaded just run it from wherever you. save as type drop-down select PDF I'm.

and actually from any other most other. download okay after that file is. saved it to this case just the desktop. renamed as test six-story you see so a. I'm just gonna go to the desktop and. Converter then try to upload the. press run okay this will come up here. duplicate files is created using do c. tutorial we will discuss about how to. have this Word document and I want it to.

extension be required so in this we. you'll get a readme file here come up. presentation or PPT depending on the. going to download that now okay after. is PDF I'll go down to save as and have. wish it to be converted into PDF so I. confidential and we don't want them to. without any third-party software let's. appear on the desktop my new PDF file.

and wait for that to finish and then. says cutepdf writer must be used with. 97-2003 2003 dot do see and not. make sure that worked printers and faxes. to find a link to download the file go. now it'll come and it's going to ask me. in extensions OD s ODT and ODP where ODS. 8ca7aef5cf
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